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"I need space." What not to do...

Been told "I love you but I'm not in love with you"? 


More inspiration, more confidence, more connection, more impact, more clarity,

more affection, more love, more sex, more success, more money?

Want to Stop the Downward Spiral in Your Marriage?

Been told "I want a divorce"?

Learn what not to DO?

Sexless Marriage?  

Struggling to maintain a connection with your marriage?

Feeling isolated and alone in the middle of the night and wondering what’s next??

My clients get a powerful new mindset that empowers them to give, love and connect more deeply.

Claim your Masculine Guiding Principles


Save your Marriage

"I love you but I'm not in love with you". 

Learn how not to respond!

Change your mindset, change your future

Create the feelings of connection and presence she craves without the pressure you have been adding

How to get the same respect at home as work?

Wife Wants a Divorce?

Disrespectful, Overly Critical Wife?

Lost Your Confidence at home and work?

Sexless Marriage? 

Wife is no longer attracted to you?

Reignite your masculine confidence.

Stop walking on eggshells! Respond to women powerfully and attractively.

My Clients get a roadmap to get back on track.

Get the 24-hour Blueprint to Secure Masculine Confidence




Men's Coach

Success Mentor, Clarity Guide

I’m a man who has walked in your shoes and hit the wall at high speed in relationships and life. I’ve had my career, family and marriage crumble all at once leaving me raw and vulnerable. 

Not only have I survived, I'm thriving and creating my dream life in a tropical paradise.

While I’m a playful, fun loving and hopeless romantic at heart, I’m also a serious corporate refugee who loves to think deeply, feel powerfully and connect with people authentically.

I help you discover your lost values, regain your passion for life and reignite your confidence.

I’ve struggled with those 3 things on my journey in both my work life, social life and my romantic relationships. Coaching changed my life so much that I’ve made it my mission to help you move from anxiety and uncertainty into an amazing world of clarity and confidence.

I currently live in Phuket, Thailand and love traveling the world meeting and working with men just like you. Let’s plan a long conversation as soon as you are ready.  

Grab a beer and kick back because we’re going be awhile.

I Ensure These Outcomes:

Claim your masculine guiding principles and personal boundaries
Get massive confidence in your decision making and communication of your desires and goals
Reignite your confidence in your own strength and ability to respond to women powerfully and attractively

an un-apologetically masculine and passionate man
Learn the truth about feminine power and how to "dance" with it instead of fighting it
Embrace uncertainty and change with confidence